Salutes, Prayers & Condolences

  • Tyler O. Griffin

    Tribute For Tyler O. Griffin from Voluntown, Ct

    Condolences to the family. Freedom is not free, it cost this man’s life. Thank you is not enough. Grieving is not enough for your loss though it is all we have, the Sandoval Family

  • John A. Hofer

    Tribute For John A. Hofer from Los Angeles, Ca

    Alicia… he ALWAYS talked about YOU and how much he loved you… I am so sorry HE was IS an amazing friend!!

  • Michell Lee Robotham

    Tribute For Michell Lee Robotham from Kearny, Nj

    Saying prayers for you and your family today. I remember working with you in Land O’ Lakes, WI at the bank and the fun times we shared.
    Sandy V

  • Karen Sue Juday

    Tribute For Karen Sue Juday from New York , Ny

    So very sad,l am so sorry. Rest in peace.

  • Clayton L. Adamkavicius

    Tribute For Clayton L. Adamkavicius from Fairdale, Ky

    He was a good guy…

  • Katherine L. Shores Tribute for Katherine L. Shores

    Tribute For Katherine L. Shores from Aulander, Nc

    My name is Stacie Godwin and your mom must of been a amazingly strong women to have lived so long !! I’m so sorry for your loss !!

  • Matthew E. Mendoza

    Tribute For Matthew E. Mendoza from San Antonio, Tx

    Still in our hearts !!! Semper fi!!!!

  • Kenneth Conde Jr

    Tribute For Kenneth Conde Jr from Orlando, Fl

    God Bless You and Thank You For Your Sacrifice….You are our Hero

  • Torey J Dantzler

    Tribute For Torey J Dantzler from Columbia , La

    Miss u big torey!!!! You will never be forgotten and always be a very special man for all you have done!!!!

  • Jason M. Kessler

    Tribute For Jason M. Kessler from Mount Vernon , Wa

    Never a memorial day passes when you aren’t on the forefront of my thoughts. L.W.

  • Nicholas M Skinner

    Tribute For Nicholas M Skinner from Davenport, Ia

    This kevin Green again still miss you man, i miss the trouble we caised and fun we made it. To skate with you one more day. Miss you always and forever. Rip brother you did the best anyone would ask for.

  • Torey J Dantzler

    Tribute For Torey J Dantzler from Columbia , La

    Torey’s family. We all lost a good young man that day but he was fighting for a better life for so many who will never know his service unless we tell it. I miss his smiling face and quick Witt. I will never forget him and how much I thought if him. I truly enjoyed watching him grow up with Dusty and totally enjoyed watching them kicking butt on the football field. I miss him very much till this day……….Dusty Sr

  • Torey J Dantzler

    Tribute For Torey J Dantzler from Columbia , La

    Torey was one of a kind and is greatly missed. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family as they continue to mourn the loss of their soldier.

  • Paul C. Holter III

    Tribute For Paul C. Holter III from Corpus Christi, Tx

    I miss you, man. You were a good friend, a good man, and you deserved more. Every year they honor JPB in Flour Bluff or they toast his name, but for me it was when we lost you that the Iraq war hit home. I’m sad not only because you were lost while overseas fighting for us- but because so many of our hometown seem so willing to forget you. I don’t- and I will never get that friendly swim-team goofball that accepted each of his friends, flaws and all, and always had time to laugh with them.

    I will never forget you, my friend!

    BJ Comer

  • Marquis R. Porter

    Tribute For Marquis R. Porter from Boston, Ma

    You will never be forgotten, Sgt Marquis Porter, one of my best NCO’s and best Radio Operators. Semper Fidelis Guard the Gates of Heaven and Look out for our Marines down here still in harms way.

  • Isaac E Diaz

    Tribute For Isaac E Diaz from Rio Hondo, Tx

    Never forgotten. I will be riding in honor of Cpl. Diaz during West Coast Thunder this Memorial Day.

  • Joel A Taylor

    Tribute For Joel A Taylor from Pinetown, Nc

    I remember when you and your brother would cross the road to fish in the pond, seems like yesterday. It has been a while now since your passing. I did not know you, but I have come to be good friends with your Dad. He misses you each and every day Joel, but you know that.

    Let your Dad know how the fishing is in Heaven.

    Your sacrifice will never be forgotten.

  • Thomas G. Schoales

    Tribute For Thomas G. Schoales from Stony Point, Ny

    Thank you, Thomas. My project in english is over you and I hope you like it and think it’s respectful.

  • John W. Miller

    Tribute For John W. Miller from West Burlington, Ia

    My sincere condolences to all those family, friends and service members who lost John from their lives. Although I did not personally know him, I found his story on Military Times Fallen Heros when searching for fallen soldiers from my hometown to honor this Memorial Day. I was moved by John’s story, so I as I participate at a Carry The Load walk in Jacksonville, FL I will carry John’s picture and his story with me.

    His memory lives on, touching strangers miles away! If you have any additional pictures or stories of John’s life you’d like me to include in my back pack that day, please send to (Email Link).

  • Norman L. Cain III

    Tribute For Norman L. Cain III from Oregon , Il

    I miss u norm I’m still angry and selfish wish you were here man

  • Matthew W Brown

    Tribute For Matthew W Brown from Zelienople, Pa

    This man is my son he is a great example of how humans should be. I am very proud of how he cared for others in life. Now he is with the FATHER AMEN. Now no one cant ever hurt him again he is safe forever in his arms. Amen

  • Charles Karczewski

    Tribute For Charles Karczewski from Union , Nj

    Joh T. Karr formerly (Karczewski) / May God smile upon Charles and all…

  • Danny Chen

    Tribute For Danny Chen from New York , Ny

    You won’t be forgotten Danny. You have the support and love of many. Please rest in peace.

  • Milton A Gist Jr

    Tribute For Milton A Gist Jr from St Louis , Mo

    My family has enjoyed the Gist family in the home school arena here in Kansas City for a couple of years now.

    In searching for answers, my family discovered what happened to Mr. Gist. We just could not bring that question up, so we looked online and found a strong, handsome Steel Tiger was brought down at a very young age.
    It’s gut wrenching, so very sad, but we hold to the fact that Jesus is supreme in all he allows. Mr. Gist is in Christ’s eternal rest – no tears, no illness, no heartache…. he has sweet rest.

    Let’s get ready to leave this planet; Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Life, none come to the Father except through Christ. I want to meet Milton Gist in heaven, and introduce him to my loved ones there. Let’s don’t let them down, as they are most likely praying and hoping for us along side Christ every single day. Christ is active and the Saints also. I love this man, his family – even w/o knowing them as well as many of you do.

    God bless your efforts to fight the good fight. Our faith in Christ is the Power that overcomes the world. Love, Hugs, Prayers.
    KDG and WEG and RCG

  • Anthony Davis

    Tribute For Anthony Davis from Deerfield Beach, Fl

    Had a great time at Riley training up for the MiTT. That was an extremely cold crew serve weapons range. But we made through it. You are a great American my friend. You are so missed!

  • Benjamin L Gilman

    Tribute For Benjamin L Gilman from Meriden, Ct

    1/31/16 Ben its George I’m pretty sure u know where my mined is at right now but trying my best to keep it together any way miss you brother!

  • Harry Ramos

    Tribute For Harry Ramos from Newark , Nj

    to harry ramos and his family
    brad millar is sorry about harry ramos
    can brad millar please get 3 photos of harry ramos
    1 large photo 1 medium photo and 1 small photo
    please write back to brad millar
    po box 76 vernon ont.
    koa-3jo canada
    your freind brad millar

  • Harry Ramos

    Tribute For Harry Ramos from Newark , Nj

    to harry ramos and his family

    brad millar is sorry about harry ramos
    can brad millar please get 3 photos of harry nramos
    please wrie back brad millar
    po box 76 vernon ont.
    koa-3jo canada

  • James Joseph Suozzo

    Tribute For James Joseph Suozzo from Hauppauge, Ny

    Sorry for what happened to you. Im sure you were a great man.

  • Ruben Valdez Jr

    Tribute For Ruben Valdez Jr from San Diego , Tx


  • Ruben Valdez Jr

    Tribute For Ruben Valdez Jr from San Diego , Tx

    Rest in Peace Hero!

  • Ruben Valdez Jr

    Tribute For Ruben Valdez Jr from San Diego , Tx

    Rest In Peace. We will never forget you.

  • Ruben Valdez Jr

    Tribute For Ruben Valdez Jr from San Diego , Tx

    Rest in Peace

  • Ruben Valdez Jr

    Tribute For Ruben Valdez Jr from San Diego , Tx

    Thank you, for giving the ultimate sacrifice, so that others mmay be free! God bless you, RIP

  • Robert M. Kelly

    Tribute For Robert M. Kelly from Tallahassee, Fl

    Although a resident of Tallahassee, I just read tonight of your loss and wish to express my deep sorrow for your loss. My dad was a Marine and I appreciate the love of country and passion for freedom that flows in those who choose to serve. The cost is immeasurable when you lose one so young and full of promise.

  • Thomas P. Belkofer

    Tribute For Thomas P. Belkofer from Perrysburg, Oh

    Thank you all for your unselfish service to our country. I believe God is holding you all in the palm of his hand. Words can not express the gratitude for all you have sacrificed. Our prayers will continually go out to those loved ones left behind. You will not be forgotten. May the peace that passed all understanding through Jesus Christ our Savior be with all those affected.

  • Julio E. Negron

    Tribute For Julio E. Negron from Pompano Beach, Fl

    Thank you for your service. God bless you and your family.

  • Moises N. Rivas

    Tribute For Moises N. Rivas from New York , Ny

    I’m glad you knew so much love before you left this world.

  • George Patrick McLaughlin Jr.

    Tribute For George Patrick McLaughlin Jr. from Hoboken, Nj

    Thinking of you Georgie and remembering you today. Missing your smile and remembering the rainbow. DCC

  • Jemal Legesse DeSantis

    Tribute For Jemal Legesse DeSantis from Jersey City, Nj

    I wear your name on my uniform today at school in remberance. Rest In Peace.

  • Jane Eileen Josiah

    Tribute For Jane Eileen Josiah from Bellmore, Ny

    I worked with Jane in Austin, Texas and remember her grace and sunny disposition today, and every day. What a blessing to have spent a small amount of time with this beautiful woman. -amy

  • Eliezer Jimenez Jr.

    Tribute For Eliezer Jimenez Jr. from New York , Ny

    As we remember all the victims of 9/11, we remember you especially. Your brother misses you everyday.

    Rest in Eternal Peace at the foot of Christ, Eliezer.

  • Bruce E. Ferrell

    Tribute For Bruce E. Ferrell from Perdido, Al

    Never Forget #USMC LCpl Bruce E. Ferrell, Jr

  • Austin D Pratt

    Tribute For Austin D Pratt from Cadet, Mo

    We love and miss you dearly Austin.
    To the poster below: do not dishonor our hero by attempting to spread a nasty rumor on his condolences page.

  • Edward J. Dycus

    Tribute For Edward J. Dycus from Greenville , Ms

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  • Vincent C Winston Jr

    Tribute For Vincent C Winston Jr from St Louis , Mo

    Brother…. I miss you. You and your family are and will remain in my prayers.. I feel guilty that I have not mustered up the guts to visit you, but I will when the time is right. I will always remember you as the great friend you were to me, and I learned a lot from you.. the good times will always be remembered and held as some of the most treasured memories I will ever make. Remember, when I meet you up there you still owe me that “near beer” you promised me for my birthday, and I’m holding you to it. Much love!
    “Crazy B”

  • Jeffrey G Roberson

    Tribute For Jeffrey G Roberson from Phelan, Ca

    I miss you!

  • Digna Alexandra  Costanza

    Tribute For Digna Alexandra Costanza from New York , Ny

    Yesterday while visiting ground zero, I saw a grown man crying at the site of her name. Obviously she was very loved and missed, and a wonderful person.

  • Steven Paul Chucknick

    Tribute For Steven Paul Chucknick from Aberdeen Township, New Jersey

    My Love,
    I will love you always and forever
    My heart to only yours
    Your wife Barbara

  • Edwin J. Zambrana Jr.

    Tribute For Edwin J. Zambrana Jr. from New York , Ny

    I rode to DC on 9/11/14 in his memory, to honor his service & sacrifice. His name was on my helmet. With Much Love, Honor & Respect. MLHR! Diane L. Grunthaner

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